Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where OH Where Have I Been??

I've been busy cooking, cleaning, entertaining, chauffeuring, nursing, refereeing, but enjoying life, that's where! But, I'm excited to get back to ALL my regular blogging- even my family blog took a hit there for a bit.

I don't ALWAYS love what I have to do EVERYDAY-- over, and over, and OVER! But- when I have a really productive day- I'm more satisfied then when I just sit around "relaxing", because you can only relax so much, before it starts to take a toll on you. If I'm feeling down or upset... usually I can work it off, and then I come out feeling great- and my mood just picks right up. When I accomplish something- no matter how small it is... whether it is fixing a broken drawer, or cleaning the sink, or weeding, then I can say I DID IT, and it makes me HAPPY- I'm more fulfilled, because I did something for me and my family instead of me just being fulfilled because someone did something for me. I like being waited on, but I also LOVE waiting on others, so to speak:) I'm learning to be happy while I work- no matter how mundane and repetitive the work may seem, because then I am better off, instead of just complaining and making it even worse then it really is. And of course I don't "like" doing the dishes, and I don't "like" doing 16 loads of laundry a day, and I don't "like" cleaning toilets... but if I have to do them, I might as well have a good attitude. Why should I let my work bring me down? (especially when it is for the benefit for others as well)

So enjoy whatever you are doing, just put on a happy face-- and I'll also enjoy cleaning the toilets for you....tomorrow!