Friday, February 29, 2008

The Happiness Project

So, as I was searching for some cool and inspiring words to give to my faithful readers I came across this wonderful website.

One of her quotes that I TOTALLY agree with is:

"One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself."

Which reminds me of my next quote:

"We have no more right to put our discordant states of mind into the lives of those around us and rob them of their sunshine and brightness than we have to enter their houses and steal their silverware." - Julia Moss Seton, in the movie Holiday

So, remember to share your beautiful smile today! We ALL have one to give:)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling for guest bloggers!

Yes- that is right! I want to hear from YOU! I want you to be a guest blogger on my blog:) Now, this is all for free- and just to share knowledge. I feel that we can all learn a lot more, if there are a lot of people joining in a expressing their thoughts or stories. So- come one, come all to the happiness ball:) E-mail me at and let's get your post on here!! I don't care if this is the first time you have read my blog, if you are a blog lurker, or are an avid commenter... I still want to hear from YOU:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Something we should ALWAYS remember

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What other choice??

Yesterday when I turned on the TV the movie "Just My Luck" was on. It is a pretty cute movie. I had seen it before... but the part that it was at, when I turned the tv on... was a part I needed to rehear! The girl in the middle is Maggie and Lindsey Lohan's characters name is Ashley. I'll set the scene and then dialogue.

Maggie is a song writer and singer. She was really excited because I band had just picked up one of her songs to play for their opening performance. However, news came that due to superstition on the managers part, they were not going to play the song after all, because you never play a song that the band did not write on opening night. When Ashley found out the news this is what happened:

Ashley: Are you going to be ok?
Maggie: Of course. What other choice do I have?
Ashley: Are you sure?
Maggie: Yeah! I mean if you only dwell on the bad, then you'll miss out on all the good!!

Seriously! How inspirational is that?? What I love most- is we all know that happiness is a choice, but what Maggie said- was that - she didn't have a choice... happiness was the only choice!! What other choice do I have (other than to accept it and be happy!) That should be each and every answer we all give when something goes wrong that we didn't expect, when we are disappointed, etc.....

So, I leave you today with What other choice??:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happiness or obliviousness??

Growing up I was always known as the dumb blonde! Even though I made straight A's had a 4.0 GPA - I was known as a ditz, airhead, dumb blonde and any other names like that you can think of. It never bothered me- because I knew I was smart, but more importantly- I knew who I was and I knew that all those "names" were not true. I was happy with who I was as a person.

Now that I look back, I think that people assumed I was a dumb blonde because I was happy all of the time. It was rare you would not find me with a smile on my face, or an encouraging word, or laughing. I think people in this world automatically think that if someone is happy, then they are living in a fantasy world and they need to get real and get with the program.

Anytime- I think of someone who is happy- I'm reminded of Stuart on All My Children. His character is ALWAYS happy- and as you first start to get to know him- you think that he might now all be there... but he IS! He is by far my favorite character because he is full of joy.

I think if you know who you are and accept who you are as is- then you will be happy. If we find the good within ourselves and focus on the positive- then you will find the joy from within and see that you are ALL there and you can still know ALL that is going on in the world and that some of it is absolutely devastating... Just because you walk around with a smile on your face or love to laugh and are happy from within, does NOT make you an airhead or oblivious:)

So, for now- enjoy being you, and know that it takes time to grow as a person, and you will continue to grow as you go through different life experiences.. just look for the positive and the positive will come out!

Friday, February 15, 2008

2 quotes to confirm my theory:)

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. - Dennis Waitley

The chase to find happiness outside ourselves never results in lasting joy. But a look within opens the door. - Greg Anderson

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm bringing happiness back

I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted- but no more dry spells:) If I can help it anyway. I don't have a post prepared- but I found this video on you tube when I searched for happiness, just to see what would come up. I have no idea who this guy is- but this is a great video- you can tell he is happy and that it comes from his heart. I like this guy already! Yes- it seems a little cheesy, and goofy at times- but he knows where happiness comes from:) Enjoy- and I'll be back with a post of my own tomorrow!