Monday, January 14, 2008


If you feel unhappy with yourself at certain points in your life, my bet is that you are comparing yourselves to other people, and by doing this, we begin to feel inadequate. Inadequacy can lead you down a dark road if you keep doing what it is that causes you to feel that way. I believe self-esteem and happiness go hand in hand. When you like who you are and are ok with your best, then you will be happy. When you are constantly wishing you had more, and were more, and more like so and so- then you will feel like, whatever you have to give is not enough. Here are some quotes from Flawless! written by: Louis A. Tartaglia. This book was fantastic and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good, uplifting read. Here is what he has to say about inadequacy:

"Choose inadequacy and lose, or choose self-esteem and fight the fight of your life. You can't be knocked out if you absolutely refuse."

"Go do something with what you have and make things better."

"Something inside knows that you have to make do with what you have, and it is always enough. The regret for not doing all you are capable of will haunt you. "

"Self-esteem is highest in those of us who compare ourselves to others the least. "

These are all quotes by Louis A. Tartaglia.

So, realize that you are enough and that your best is always good enough. Don't compare as different people have different strengths. Someone is always less fortunate and there is always someone more fortunate- in any given area. Focus on what you do have, and not on what you don't and you will continue to see happiness "grow under your feet."

Friday, January 11, 2008


Laughing always helps with happiness! When you can laugh at yourself and when you can laugh at life..... you will be happy:) Laughter does a soul some real good.... ENJOY!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What talents do I have?

Growing up I did not think I had any talents. I would always ask my parents what my talents were and they would go on and on about my so called "talents". Then I would still think to myself- but I can't sing, I'm not a comedian- because I have terrible delivery, I can't run long distances, I'm not super smart, I can't act, etc...... Everyone has what my so called "talents" are. Everyone can make friends easily, everyone has a good work ethic, everyone can speak in front of a crowd, everyone can get up on a stage, everyone can do flips if they tried hard enough, everyone can be motivating, everyone has passion for what they love, everyone sees the glass half full, etc...... So- in a sense, because all this stuff came easily to me, I just figured it came naturally to everyone else too. Because of this I didn't think that what I could do were talents. I focused on what I couldn't do, and noticed them as talents in everyone else, and I would be in pure awe of those talents, and wished with every fiber in my being that I could do what they could. By doing this- and taking my focus off my natural talents- I started to be more and more unhappy with myself. I thought everyone else can do all these things, but me- and it is unfair! I want to sing like an angel, I want to be able to not study and still make an A+ on my test, etc..... Now, that I know certain things that I can do and possess do not come naturally to everyone, I'm able to view them as talents and try to share them with others. I'm able to continue to strengthen my talents by focusing on only those vs. trying really, really hard to carry a tune- but not getting anywhere, because I just don't have the "voice or ear" to do it. I'm proud of what I can do. Focusing on what I can do and not focusing on what I can't do, has helped me to be happy with myself and who I am and what I'm able to do. So, if you don't know where your talent lies, find that talent, and realize that it is unique to you and embrace it. Not everyone can do what you can do. Take that talent and share it, and be happy that you are you and that you are amazing in every aspect and smile:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guaranteed to make you smile!

I love this picture!! When I looked up service/volunteering this is what came up as one of my image searches. How wonderful that it is universally known that when we serve others we are happier and we tend to not focus on ourselves as much. It reminds me of the primary song "When we're helping, We're happy":) Yes we most certainly are. And the best part about this- is that we can do it anytime we choose. We don't have to "wait" for the perfect opportunity, or "wait" until everything on our plate is done and we have time. If we are always "waiting" we are choosing to pass up the privilege of helping someone else out, and in turn, helping ourselves learn more about who we are and what really matters and bringing smiles all around:) So anytime you have a frown on your face..... just remember this poster- and that service will bring a for sure smile to your face!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Way!

One night I was folding laundry, and so I was looking for a show that was on, that I could watch while folding. On PBS, there was a Dr. Wayne Dyer(pictured above) special. I was super excited, because I had just recently finished reading his book "The Power of Intention", and loved it. I was disappointed to see that the "Dr. Wayne Dyer Special" was more advertising for his product then him actually speaking. However, it did give 15 min. clips here and there of him giving a seminar. I really have a respect for Dr. Dyer. As I was listening, I hear him say something that rang so amazingly true to me,

"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."

I love that quote! It spells everything out perfectly for people who are looking how to be happy, or that perfect solution that all of sudden makes them happy. Which then brings me to our next quote:

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."
- Burton Hills

I hope those quotes make you think a little harder and realize that you already have everything it takes to be happy, now you just have to be.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Make happiness a habit:)

The "article" below I got from My thoughts are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Many believe that happiness just happens to us, like the weather. But some have learned that they create their own “inner climate.” A woman who had endured serious problems in her marriage, her financial security, and her health explained: “I felt like an absolute failure. I had to make a conscious decision to be happy.” Her experience supports the wisdom of the saying, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” We observe people who are discontented despite great good fortune, and others who, in the face of problems and hard times, still enjoy life each day.

If we choose to be happy, two habits can help. The first is regular recognition of the good things we experience. If we don’t see and acknowledge our blessings, it’s almost as if they didn’t exist. But we can train ourselves to observe more and more of the positive in our lives—from a sprig of beautiful wildflowers on our path to the helpful support of a neighbor or the comfort of a home that is warm and sheltering.

The second habit that promotes happiness is expressing gratitude for the good we recognize. Is a store clerk friendly and helpful? Saying a warm “thank you for your assistance” not only rewards the clerk but also calls our attention to our good fortune. Does a family member or a friend write or phone regularly? Expressing appreciation makes us aware of the happiness we gain from that kindness. Making it a habit to express gratitude, tell a third party of another’s kind deed, and offer thanks to God in our prayers goes a long way towards developing the “habit of happiness.”

I full heartily agree with this article! I could not have stated it better myself. My favorite part is the 2ND habit - SHOWING GRATITUDE for the small things in life really does improve your attitude 10-fold and helps you to really realize what you have and be happy from within:)

So, today I challenge to try and take on the 2 habits:

1. Looking for and recognizing the small things that put a smile on our face.
2. Show gratitude for and in ALL things:)

If you work on actively doing this- I PROMISE happiness will radiate through you for ALL the world to see!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


How many of us keep hoping we will find that one thing, or get to that one place that will make us happy? To be cliche - if I had a nickel everytime someone said, "If only I had a million dollars, if only I could be more like....., if only (you fill in the blank), then I would be happy" I would be a BILLIONAIRE!! :) When I first started blogging, I set this one up, but have delayed posting because I kept thinking to myself, I can't really write about being happy within, if I don't do it 110% of the time... or if I feel sad or have "my days". But THEN, after the New Year I thought, why not! Isn't it better if I AM human and I understand exactly how people feel at times. I know for me, as I read inspirational material, whether it is a quote, a small story, etc.... then I feel more positive. So, the purpose of this blog is to help enlighten people (me included) and to help them learn to be happy from the inside out! I will daily update with some inspirational material and would LOVE to HEAR from YOU! Please e-mail me at with any material you may have or stories about you or someone else that you would like to share. :) The more people pulling together the better! So for now, I will leave you with a quote by James Openheim:

" The foolish person seeks happiness in the distance.
The wise grows it under their feet."