Thursday, February 21, 2008

What other choice??

Yesterday when I turned on the TV the movie "Just My Luck" was on. It is a pretty cute movie. I had seen it before... but the part that it was at, when I turned the tv on... was a part I needed to rehear! The girl in the middle is Maggie and Lindsey Lohan's characters name is Ashley. I'll set the scene and then dialogue.

Maggie is a song writer and singer. She was really excited because I band had just picked up one of her songs to play for their opening performance. However, news came that due to superstition on the managers part, they were not going to play the song after all, because you never play a song that the band did not write on opening night. When Ashley found out the news this is what happened:

Ashley: Are you going to be ok?
Maggie: Of course. What other choice do I have?
Ashley: Are you sure?
Maggie: Yeah! I mean if you only dwell on the bad, then you'll miss out on all the good!!

Seriously! How inspirational is that?? What I love most- is we all know that happiness is a choice, but what Maggie said- was that - she didn't have a choice... happiness was the only choice!! What other choice do I have (other than to accept it and be happy!) That should be each and every answer we all give when something goes wrong that we didn't expect, when we are disappointed, etc.....

So, I leave you today with What other choice??:)