Saturday, January 5, 2008

Make happiness a habit:)

The "article" below I got from My thoughts are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Many believe that happiness just happens to us, like the weather. But some have learned that they create their own “inner climate.” A woman who had endured serious problems in her marriage, her financial security, and her health explained: “I felt like an absolute failure. I had to make a conscious decision to be happy.” Her experience supports the wisdom of the saying, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” We observe people who are discontented despite great good fortune, and others who, in the face of problems and hard times, still enjoy life each day.

If we choose to be happy, two habits can help. The first is regular recognition of the good things we experience. If we don’t see and acknowledge our blessings, it’s almost as if they didn’t exist. But we can train ourselves to observe more and more of the positive in our lives—from a sprig of beautiful wildflowers on our path to the helpful support of a neighbor or the comfort of a home that is warm and sheltering.

The second habit that promotes happiness is expressing gratitude for the good we recognize. Is a store clerk friendly and helpful? Saying a warm “thank you for your assistance” not only rewards the clerk but also calls our attention to our good fortune. Does a family member or a friend write or phone regularly? Expressing appreciation makes us aware of the happiness we gain from that kindness. Making it a habit to express gratitude, tell a third party of another’s kind deed, and offer thanks to God in our prayers goes a long way towards developing the “habit of happiness.”

I full heartily agree with this article! I could not have stated it better myself. My favorite part is the 2ND habit - SHOWING GRATITUDE for the small things in life really does improve your attitude 10-fold and helps you to really realize what you have and be happy from within:)

So, today I challenge to try and take on the 2 habits:

1. Looking for and recognizing the small things that put a smile on our face.
2. Show gratitude for and in ALL things:)

If you work on actively doing this- I PROMISE happiness will radiate through you for ALL the world to see!