Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The magic of Color!

My cute friend Cjane is my amazing guest blogger for today- and she is full of happiness and sunshine! As cjane would say... ENJOY!

Everyone hated, hated the muddy color of gray I painted my master bedroom.

“We’d like to see your house.” Friends and family declared after we moved in to our cozy blue home at the end of the street.

And of course we loved to show off our new house—the remodeled bathroom, the bright green kitchen, the perfectly rectangular backyard—every little detail. But inevitably there would be that awkward moment when our guests entered into our tiny bedroom.

“Oh! Well! That is an interesting color.” Was the usual comment as eyes rotated around our dark walls and voices disappeared with confusion.

It was one thing to disappoint crowds of people who didn’t have to live with my color, but it was another thing when my husband confessed that he didn’t care for it either.

“It’s dark.” He kept saying.

“A bedroom is for sleeping. Dark colors relax the brain.” I would counter.

I can’t remember now the exact name of the color I chose. Something like, “Silver Lake at Midnight with an Almost Full Moon”. (I’d like to be a paint color namer someday, I’d take that job very seriously.) To me, it was the color of a summer rain cloud and who doesn’t love that hue all looming with the promise of rain?

Even in the sunshine—let in by our big window—I loved the dark tone to my bedroom walls. It reminded me of a thick mud mask before it has dried and become cracked. It also made the bedroom artwork pop with color and I thought that was very unselfish.

Unselfish Silver?

Three years have passed by since my mother-in-law (horrified) helped me paint those walls, and I have never once regretted my decision. If possible, I love the color more than when the paint was wet. It has become my color of serenity, peace and quiet. But now there is a new house in the near future, a new bedroom to plan, new walls to color.

“I am thinking about leaving our new bedroom walls white.” I remarked to my husband the other night as we sat in bed waiting for sleep.

“You will do no such thing.” He countered. “From now on, our bedroom will always be this color gray and that is that.”

Winning over someone to your point-of-view?

That is happiness.

What is the name of the color that makes you happy?


heather said...

Labrador Brown was my color of choice. Brown being my favorite color it was a perfect pick. That being said, my husband did not love it as much as I did. Oh how I wish I would have held out and kept it up knowing that your ending may have been mine as well. Enjoy your gray walls in your new home.

pflower10 said...

Estate Griege was my gray of choice (Kwall-Howells). It looked lovely and I was very proud of it. It was in every room.

In my home now I have Clay pebble, Feather, Salt Bush, our version of Kilm Beige and Tison's Taupe (our own special blend).

I love me some color

chronicler said...

My faves right now? Down Pour and Blue Plate. One I was quite sure of was Kilkenny, red? nope! green.

Another fun one is on one of my craft room walls French Roast.

Cami said...

Corn Husk Green (Behr) from Home Depot.

It is the color of my 4 year-old daughter's room. I smile everytime I go in her room. Even if it is a mess!

nanajan said...

The paint colors in my home are:
Walnut Wash
Apple Peel
Mushroom Basket
River Run Blue
Enchanted Blue
September Leaf
Roasted Pepper
Cerisa Pink
Worthington Blue
Light Lemon
Yes, I like color! Since cool blues are my favorite I have to say: periwinkle and azure - even the names are pretty.

c jane said...

Mushroom Basket.

I like it.

kentucky said...

You know I love color names.

Courage in the Morning. A fave.

Oh, wait, I made that up.

Anali said...

I love different colors for different things. I like red for accessories, like my messenger bag, wallet, and purse. I love beige and browns for furniture and rugs. I love blue in general. And I'm going through a green phase - my favorite mug at work and a new sweater. It's such a soothing color.

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