Monday, March 3, 2008

The Wonderful and Wise Words from Erin Annie

What do you write when the happiest person you have ever met asks you to write something for their motivational/happy thoughts blog? I mean, how can you ever expect to compete with the happiness of Ms. Bertie?

For me, the answer is in not competing.

But in that lies my advice to the blog reading world. Find your own motivation.
I am possibly the least competitive person in the world. I love to hike, but never to be the first or the fastest. In fact, I'm sure my companions have more than once been annoyed at the slowness of my pace. I didn't stop to smell the roses. I just barely could keep up. But at the end of the hike, I had also completed the trip.
For me, the joy is in the fact that I'm playing a game. The comradererie of being with friends, and of trying something new and different. I'm not in it to be the best. I'm just in it for the experience.

My happiness comes from trying something new. No matter how ungraceful I am, how clumsily I did it, how long it took, or how utterly unartistic it was, I did it, and I had fun trying it.

As the girl who always got picked last for sports, and never gets asked to dance, I learned early that sometimes you just have to have fun anyway. You can't wait for someone else to make you happy, or to beat someone at their own thing. You have to be happy with you first. For me, I will always find happiness in how goofy I dance, or in the beauty of the peak of the mountain. I may have been the last one to the summit, but the view is the same for the first person and the last person.

So go ahead, LOSE! And enjoy doing it!

Erin Annie


Bertie said...

Erin! All I can say is YOU ROCK girl:)

erinannie said...

Thanks for letting me have the chance!

Steffani said...

Hi. My name is Steffani. I have just been aimlessly blog hopping today, but it brought me to this wonderful blog of yours. I love all 3 of your blogs but, this one really is neat. It's great to come to a site that just makes you"happy"! Great Job.

Steffani said...

Oh, I am a friend of Heidi.

Anali said...

Great post Erin! ; )