Saturday, March 8, 2008

You can always count on Gretchen

Gretchen is one of my dear friends who has also volunteered to be a guest blogger for me:) She sent me this story earlier this week. I was very touched by her writing and her thoughts! Thanks Gretchen:)

I just finished reading About a Boy which was the basis for one of my favorite movies. I found this passage which didn't make it into the movie. I can honestly say this is probably the reason I'm still around today.

"So why don't you ever put your head in the oven?"

"I don't know. There's always a new Nirvana album to look forward to, or something happening in NYPD Blue to make you want to watch the next episode. The point is you keep going. You want to. So all the things that make you want to are the point. I don't know if you even realize it, but on the quiet you don't think life's too bad. You love things. Telly. Music. Food. I love things and they're mostly different things from you. Poetry. Paintings. My work. Men. My friends. Ali. I want to see what Ali gets up to tomorrow. See, a few years ago, I was really, really down, and I did imagine about... you know, what you imagine Fiona's thinking about [suicide]. And I really felt guilty about it, because of Ali, and I know I shouldn't be that way but I was, and... anyway, it was always, you know, not today. Maybe tomorrow, but not today. And after a few weeks of that I knew I was never going to do it, and the reason I was never going to do it was because I didn't want to miss out. I don't mean that life was great and I didn't want not to participate. I just mean there were always one or two things that seemed unfinished, things I wanted to follow through. Like you want to see the next episode of NYPD Blue. If I'd just finished stuff for a book, I wanted to see it come out. If I was seeing a guy, I wanted one more date. If Ali had a parents' evening coming up, I wanted to talk to his form teacher. Little things like that, but there was always something, and those somethings would be enough."

Sometimes if you're having a really rough go of it, you need to cling to anything to get you through it. I love that thought. You don't need a grand event to look forward to. The little things are enough to make life worth living.

I love this book and movie. They never fail to inspire me. Treat yourself and get the soundtrack as well. They're all beautiful and uplifting.



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